Many people think there is a central body of the Bank of Ireland or Bank of England that regulates the printing of money, but the fact is, this is not the case.

Money is created by private banks issuing loans and mortgages, it is created by us the people. As soon as we sign our name on the mortgage document for 100,000 euro/£100,000, then 100,000 euro/£100,000 is created.

The banks don't have any reserves of cash that they are lending you, the money they lend you, is created with your own signature, technically this is FRAUD, selling you something they don't have, and making you pay them for it, with INTEREST.

Our whole banking system is based on debt, there is no money without debt

in this model: money = debt!


The system works the same way on a national level, as it does on a personal level. Countries such as our own, borrow money from PRIVATE institutions, with PRIVATE shareholders, who print the money... again, out of thin air. This debt, is then called the national debt, and it gets passed onto the people in the form of taxes.

So these debtors, create debt out of thin air, LOAN it to our government, and get the people to pay taxes, directly into their pockets.

What is more important in this country? Using our taxes to pay these criminal fraudsters billions of euro every year? Or using that money to make sure every citizen of Ireland has a high quality life.