Help us get UBUNTU farm Ireland started

We are looking to establish a 1 small farm. If your a farmer that is interested in having your farm become to provider of food to your local community with the benefits of free labour using contributionism please contact us at to setup a discussion for further information.

One Small Town Manifesto

We can change our society, one small town at a time. Let's get started in 2017 by finding one mayor and council who want to make their small town an exceptional place to live. 

We can transform this town by following the concrete business plan outlined in the "UBUNTU - one small town manifesto".  If you have a place in mind, please send us your nomination including your contact details and the reason for your nomination and we will be in touch shortly.

UBUNTU Music & Arts Festival

Join us for our first UBUNTU Music & Arts festival in Ireland. Dates to be announced soon!

We will host a gathering of musicians and artists that will share their talents and gifts with us. This festival will be hosted in celebration of the launch of UBUNTU Ireland. As special treat we will have Michael Tellinger opening the festival for us and providing a workshop for those interested.

Education that really matters

How much of what you learned in school do you consider to count as actual life skills? Being honest, the % is likely very small. The things that really matter are not taught in school, in fact a lot of these are actively discouraged - like critical thinking for example. Instead, we are drilled to follow orders, to subordinate ourselves to authority, to ask for permission and wait for "breaks" to answer our body's needs and so on.

Most young adults have no idea what to do with their lives when they finish school. They have not learned about themselves, how to be good people or how to contribute to society in a meaningful way - at least not in school. This does not make sense! This precious time of childhood should be a time of exploration, of inclusion into society (rather than exclusion), a time of growing into responsibilities and a time of observing role models.

Mayor Higgins to seek approval for one small town

November 3rd, 2017 - A day with the potential go down in history - Mayor Higgins, North Frontenac, Canada presents the Ubuntu One Small Town Plan of action to his council at 1pm EST. He is hoping for permission to live stream the presentation, we will know 2 hours beforehand. So fingers crossed that we can all be part of this incredible journey with him and send him all our love and support as he pushes open the doors to freedom - for us all.

Click here for the One Small Town Video

One Small town approved in Canada!

Mayor Ron Higgins successfully presented his plan for implementing the UBUNTU - ONE SMALL TOWN plan of action in North Frontenac, Ontario, Canada - and was given the support of the Council to continue with the implementation - his closing words were "One small town, starts today." This is truly a historic day for all of humanity as Mayor Higgins becomes the first elected mayor in office, to take this brave bold step, towards creating a community filled with abundance and prosperity through the principles of CONTRIBUTIONISM - a whole new social structure to release the people of North Frontenac from economic slavery. The world will remember you for your courage forever Mayor Higgins. Now the real fun begins. Hold on and enjoy the ride and lets see how long it takes for the next mayor to take the same bold step. 
In unity & resonance - Michael Tellinger

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Mayor Higgins shared

Here is a followup article from Frontenac News from last week's article for our one small town initiative.

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UBUNTU Conscious Music Festival LIVE STREAM

UBUNTU Conscious Music Festival LIVE STREAM from the Uptown Theater Kansas City - 3&4 December 2017
If you cannot be there in person, please sign up now to watch two full days of the Music Festival remotely from wherever you are.

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Update on Mayor Higgins

Mayor Ron Higgins continues his pioneering journey leading the way as the first Mayor in the world, to adopt the ONE SMALL TOWN plan of action.
Here is an in-depth and insightful interview with Mayor Ron Higgins of North Frontenac, Ontario, Canada - talking to Gabe Masson, from QUEvolution Radio, Quebec, Canada - outlining his plan to introduce the system of Contributionism and the ONE SMALL TOWN, can change the world strategy.

Click the link: Here

Listen - absorb and share with everyone - to spread the message.

Ubuntu Ireland

Update from Mayor Higgins

Highly inspiring UPDATE from Mayor Higgins of North Frontenac, Ontario, Canada - on the exciting progress of the ONE SMALL TOWN implementation and establishment of CONTRIBUTIONISM as a system to create prosperity and abundance for their community. Deep gratitude to Mayor Ron for leading the way into uncharted waters and showing us all how easy it really is if you have vision and courage to do something differently. More and more investors are reaching out to Mayor Ron - other mayors and councilors want to follow his lead - and thousands of people around the world support Ron and North Frontenac. The domino effect has begun.

In unity & resonance - Michael Tellinger

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WANTED: Scientists & Inventors

We will be hosting a competition for talented scientists, visionaries and inventors to share their ideas and prototypes with the UBUNTU community. Details to follow soon

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