Ireland's artists UBUNTU news volunteers callout

Calling Ireland’s Artists & Musicians

Ireland's artists UBUNTU news volunteers callout

Are you an artist who resonates with the UBUNTU philosophy?

We would like to invite you to join us for our very first UBUNTU Conscious Arts & Music Festival in Ireland.

This festival will be a celebration of traditional music and arts of Ireland and bring UBUNTU people from all over the world together for a full weekend to celebrate contributionism and our growing community. This festival will be organised in several locations around the world during 2017, uniting us all in the spirit of appreciation of arts and culture.

We are looking for the following volunteers:

  • Contributing artists and musicians that would either like to be part of our program, have a stall to represent their crafts and/or host a participatory workshop for festival attendants
  • Filmmakers that are interested in creating a beautiful documentary about our festival or that would like to create a short trailer for festival promotion purposes
  • Photographers that might like to tell the story of our festival in pictures and create appealing imagery around Ireland that we could  use on our website and social media platforms

We are open for any ideas. Please send us an email to with your ideas, proposals and feedback.

We are looking forward to working with you!

Your UBUNTU Ireland team