How can I contribute to UBUNTU Ireland?

Join the movement

Register on the official global website: and join our circle for Ireland

Get the newsletter

You can sign-up to the official UBUNTU newsletter by Michael Tellinger here

Read the book

You can buy the ebook here and the paperback here. We recommend reading as much as possible on UBUNTU with the book being the minimum requirement

Fill the form

Let us know how you wish to contribute by filling this form. We will get in touch with you shortly to discuss opportunities.

What else can I do?

suggested actions for UBUNTU supporters outside of Ireland or with little time at present (and anyone else)

While in transition we still need to raise money. You can donate to UBUNTU by supporting the UBUNTU office
Spread the word
Tell everyone you know about UBUNTU. Plant the seed for the vision of a better future and help people to connect to the UBUNTU movement
Educate yourself thoroughly on all aspects of the UBUNTU movement. Go to workshops, watch videos, read the blog.

We are creating something special


This is a critical phase for UBUNTU in this beautiful country. We are gaining momentum, let's make sure we maintain it and bring it forward into a massively successful 2017!


Do you have any questions?